4 Wheel alignment Services

4 Wheel alignment

Tyre alignment is a very important maintenance task and could be the cause of a dramatic drop in handling capability causing the vehicle to constantly pull in one direction and hugely inhibit its ability to turn or move in a straight line. Faulty wheel alignment could affect the fuel consumption of a vehicle in a drastic measure and will also shorten the life span of the tyres.


4 Wheel alignment simply refers to all 4 tyres that should be pointing in the same direction.  Should the alignment be out, various things could be affected:


  1. Steering
  2. Suspension
  3. Safety
  4. Wear and durability of tyres

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We offer the following Wheel alignment Services

  • Rectification of Castors and Cambers
  • Initialisation of toe (in and out)
  • Shimming of Cambers
  • Adjustment of Rear Alignment

A 4-wheel alignment indicates the adjusting of all four wheels, this may include a front toe, camber and caster adjustment, while the rear wheels receive a toe and camber adjustment to insure the correct thrust angle.

A wheel alignment is done using an alignment machine that measures your wheel angles. These are calculated and compared against your vehicle's original specifications. The technician adjusts the camber, caster, and toe of each wheel as needed.

Why you need Wheel alignment repairs

Wheel Alignment can be thrown off by various things, such as:


  • Potholes
  • Hitting a curb
  • Bumping into solid concrete parking pillars
  • Wear & tear of the rubber components – these could start cracking as well as socket joints that become loose as the vehicle ages.
  • Bad road conditions (offroad)

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